Our Vision

To be the excellent Divisional Secretariat  that helps the living standard of the people in the beneficial way to the society

Our Mission

"To fulfill the requirements of the public of the Karaitivu Divisional Secretariat area in line with Government policies efficiently, effectively, justifiably and friendly manner through properly planned efficient development process consisting of coordination and guiding of resources and participation of people to achieve sustainable development for which the people and area contributing for a national development.

History of Karathivu Divisional Secretariat

The histroy of Karaitivu

Karaitivu is a renowned village situated 28 miles south to Batticaloa that is very popular to "singing fish". This village is called as "Kareru Moothur". Paddy cultivation, fishing are the major occupations here. The majority of the people here are well educated and always follow the tradition. As it is surrounded by water, it was named as "theevu".

There are many famous religious places and schools. The village has many artists and educated people. This village is a token of unity  as both the north and the south boundaries are combined with muslim community.

The extent of the land is nearly 8.94 sq Km on the north, the south, the east, and the west of this village, there are Sainthamaruthu divisional secretariat division ,the "Veddaru" (lagoon) the bengal and Poorampuri river respectively. There are 17 G.S divisions of which 05 are muslims divisions. This village comprises  of 5255 families with 18488 members. (Male - 9112 / Female - 9376) 

The History of Karaitivu Divisional Secretariat

Karaitivu is a very popular village known every body today in Srilanka. It is Situated 28 miles to Batticaloa which is the captial city is the eastern province in Srilanka.

A historical temple namely Sri Kannagai Amman Kovil and the tomb of Sri Siththanaikkuddy are located here. More over, it is the birth place of Suwami Vipulananda and Suwami Nadarajananda who are well known to the world.

Before 1961, it belonged to Batticaloa district. At the time, Ampara district had been devided into 05 divisions of which Karaivahupattu is the one in which  the administrative area of Karaitivu came After declaration of Ampara district, it was divided 02 divisions namely Karaivahu and Ninthavur. At that time, the administrative activities of Karaitivu division was shifted to Ninthavurpattu for which action there was a protest by the public of that area. During that period, the development process of the village was totally carried out by the village council. In mean time, there was a seperative village council functioning for Karaitivu division.

When the administrative steps combined with Ninthavur division, the co-operative society and private paddy land were continuously with Karaivahuppattu. Later on, a seperate cooperative society  and Agrarian Service center were formed for Karaitivu division.

In this situtaion, the public of Karaitivu put forwarded a strong proposal for the functioning of an A.G.A's office for Karaitivu. With the effort taken by the former minister Ranganayaki Pathmanathan a circuit additional A.G.A.'s office was functioniong at the village council building. 

Later on, in 1985 an Additional A.G.A's office was formed. Then, in 1988 with the untireing effort taken by the late honourable minister M.H.M.Ashraff, it was changed to full authorized office which is now functioning well  with 17 Grama Sevaga's divisions.


Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.A.Thirugnanasampanthan 1985 1986
Mr.P.Krishnapillai 1986 1987
Mr.S.Arudsivam 1987 1992
Mr.S.Ramakrishnan 1992 2012 January
Mr.S.Jegarajan 2012 2014
Mrs.S.Srikanth 2014 2017 November
Mr.S.K.Lavanathan (Acting) 2017 November 2018 August
Mr.V.Jehadeesan 2018 August Up to now

News & Events

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